Jackson Hole Avalanche Awareness Night

On Thursday, December 6th at Snow King Resort, the skiing, snowboarding and outdoor community in Jackson Hole gathered for an evening of avalanche awareness and education. Representatives from the Bridger-Teton National Forest, Teton County Search and Rescue, Friends of the Pathways and others spoke to the importance of safety in the backcountry.

Featured speaker Drew Hardesty of the Utah Avalanche Center went to great efforts in stressing the responsibility each backcountry traveler undertakes when navigating mountain terrain in the 21st Century. His presentation touched on the importance of not only looking after yourself, but others in the area who may be affected by your decisions. Alluding to close calls in Utah and Idaho, his message hit home with the crowd, recognizing that more and more people are venturing into the accessible backcountry terrain located in the Tetons. The presentation ended with a question to the audience: Will we let this happen here? (alluding to an accident in which a skier triggered avalanche hit a bus carrying children in Utah). After 10 seconds of silence, the crowd spoke up with a resounding “No!”.

drew hardesty_presentation jackson hole avalanche awareness night

Drew Hardesty of the Utah Avalanche Center was the featured presenter. He spoke to the responsibility of traveling in the backcountry in the 21st century.

jay_pistono_pass_ambassador friends of the pathways jackson hole

Teton Pass Ambassador Jay Pistono of Friends of the Pathways

From snowpack summaries to equipment essentials, each presenter provided valuable information regarding the importance of being prepared for any situation in the backcountry. Teton Pass Ambassador Jay Pistono representing the Friends of the Pathways highlighted procedures for etiquette on Teton Pass, including parking, handling of pets, and common knowledge. The main points he stressed were the importance of understanding how your decisions effect others, most notably avalanches that could impact drivers traveling on Highway 22. Several avalanche slide paths create danger for motorist and it is the responsibility of backcountry travelers to take caution in their decision making when considering to ski areas such as Glory Bowl and Twin Slides.

A highlight of the annual event is the presentation by Jim Woodmency of Mountain Weather about the winter forecast in Jackson Hole. Before diving into his analysis of the weather, Woodemency took time to emphasize the importance of avalanche education. Offering his analysis of the short and long term weather patterns, he highlighted recent trends and how they are affecting the flow of precipitation to the region. Woodmency pointed out the existence of no El Nino or La Nina trend which historically means our region with have a 30% chance of an above average snowfall season. To date, we’re trending towards the upside.

jim woodmency_presentation weather jackson hole

Mountain Weather meteorologist Jim Woodmency offering his forecast for the winter season in Jackson Hole.

BTNF Honored Long Time Avalanche Center Supporters: Skinny Skis and Snow King Resort

Snow King Resort and Skinny Skis Have Raised Over $26,000 For The Avalanche Center Through Avalanche Awareness Night

btnf_award_recipients skinny skis jackson hole mountain resort avalanche conditions snow king resort

BTNF representatives Bob Comey, Dale Deiter and Ray Spencer recognize Jeff Crabtree and Phil Leeds of Skinny Skis as well as Manuel Lopes of Snow King Resort for their generous financial support and contributions to the Avalanche Center. Photo: Kevin Wittig

Images From Avalanche Awareness Night


Don Sharaf of the AAI spoke about the current snowpack.

bob comey bridger teton avalanche forecast center

Bob Comey presented new developments at the Avalanche Center.

crowd_overview jackson hole avalanche awareness night

A large crowd packed the Snow King Resort ballroom for the presentations.

gear_merchants snow king resort avalanche awareness

Avalanche equipment producers showcased the latest outdoor safety technology

Hi, I help with community relations for Friends of Bridger-Teton Avalanche, the non profit support organization that helps to fund the BTNF forecasters.

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